‘Measures to encourage usage of cleaner transport fuels expected in budget’

Suyash Gupta, Director General , Indian Auto LPG Coalition has said that the industry hopes that Finance Minister shall reinvigorate the alternative fuel sector through measures that encourage wider adoption and use of cleaner transport fuels.

“One of the most important interventions required is to reduce GST on auto LPG from the current 18% bracket to make it more affordable to consumers. We would also like to draw government’s attention to the fact that conversion kits for auto LPG and CNG are being taxed at 28% GST — the bracket reserved for demerit items and includes items like tobacco. This anomaly must be immediately addressed to encourage conversion of vehicles to clean gaseous fuels. Among the most notable initiatives of NDA’s first term in office were its efforts to dramatically increase the penetration of domestic LPG across Indian households through Ujjwala. As the new government readies to announce its first budget, we expect a similar push to be given to Auto LPG which is a much cleaner fuel than petrol and amongst the most easily deployable alternative fuels” said, Mr Suyash Gupta, Director General, Indian Auto LPG Coalition,” he said.

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