Next-gen trucks from Scania India

Scania India has launched Next Truck Generation (NTG) to drive the shift towards Sustainable Transport Solutions in the mining industry. It will deliver productivity-enhancing services as well as customised transport solutions. The new range of NTG was launched at the Scania India Kolar plant in Karnataka. Petr Novotny, Managing Director, Scania India, unveiled the new range of trucks followed by a brief presentation on the work Scania does globally with a focus on India.

Petr Novotny said, “India is an important market for us and we are here to stay. The strategic introduction of Scania’s world-class range reiterates our commitment to the country. Today, with the launch of the NTG range, we aim to drive the evolution of India’s transport solutions in the Mining, Construction and Long Haulage Business. We reinforce our commitment to helping customers achieve higher levels of profitability, safety, efficiency and productivity in their businesses. We are confident that these strategic initiatives will further support the growth of mining industry in India and strengthen Scania India’s growth story”.

As India moves closer to the implementation of BSVI, NTG which is BSVI ready is integrated with an upgraded powertrain, resulting in higher load carrying capacity, fuel efficiency and uptime.

“We are excited to launch these state-of-the-art trucks in India to support the growing mining industry. Very soon we shall also be introducing this Next truck generation for Long Haulage business”, he added.

Scania has adapted various service plans to fit the customer’s operational needs like Site Optimization, Uptime improvement, Repairs and Proactive Maintenance in an effort to offer end-to-end solutions.

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