Nexteer Automotive joins University of Michigan

Nexteer participates in research and development of automated and connected vehicles

Nexteer Automotive, a global tier one automotive supplier committed exclusively to wheel-to-wheel advanced steering and driveline systems, today announced it has joined the Affiliates Program at University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center (MTC). Nexteer Automotive is one of 27 companies from a wide range of industries that will play a critical role in shaping a viable system of connected and automated vehicles with the university.

“We’re excited at the opportunity to be an active player with the MTC in transforming the auto industry,” said Laurent Bresson, president and global COO, Nexteer Automotive. “This partnership between academia, government, OEMs and automotive suppliers harnesses the power of great technology minds, yielding unlimited potential.”

For the next three years, Nexteer Automotive will participate in selected MTC working groups and research programs, as well as key research reviews and an annual MTC Congress. With the help of its supporters, MTC is developing three complementary on-road vehicle deployments in Ann Arbor and across Southeast Michigan that will serve as test beds for partners to evaluate the effectiveness of various approaches and explore market opportunities.

“The automotive industry is at the verge of one of the most exciting technological transformations in its history,” said Frank Lubischer, vice president, global engineering and COO, European operations for Nexteer Automotive. “Automated driving with it’s associated connectivity, controls and electronic needs is the ideal innovation environment for Nexteer. Our unrivaled technology leadership in steering and vehicle control systems exemplifies our ability to continue to provide leading edge innovations to the industry. As a global leader in steering and driveline systems, we have a responsibility to use our advanced technology in a way that improves the safety, sustainability and accessibility of our mobility systems.”

Nexteer joins the support of MTC with 26 other companies in a broad range of sectors, each committing $150,000 over three years. The new affiliates complement a founding group of 14 Leadership Circle companies, each that has committed $1 million over three years to support the MTC and its programs.

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