Planys Launches NextGen ROV ‘Mikros’

With its prowess in underwater mobility through robotics, data collection and data analytics, Planys Technologies, an IIT Madras-incubated start-up, has launched its advanced Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) – ‘Mikros.’

The new vehicle is poised to offer improved underwater inspection solutions, up to 200 meters depth, to process industries, petrochemical refineries and desalination plants. The company that offers these solutions under Hardware As A Service (HAAS), has been getting business from private and Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India and also from abroad.

The company has been emerging as a leading provider of diagnostics-driven marine robots as the conventional methods of underwater inspection have various limitations in depth, accuracy of data captured and are extremely dangerous for the operator.

Mikros is the next generation mini-observation class portable ROV built with a compact and robust design with the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies. It has a lightweight, rugged and modular frame with efficient thrust-to-weight-ratio that makes it an engineered masterpiece. It has been designed to cater to long tether lengths – up to 650 meters, coupled with capabilities of collecting data in very challenging situations like high depths, turbid waters and inside long pipelines used by process industries and desalination plants. These data points and the analytical dashboard built by Planys will help forecast failures and help asset owners plan for maintenance and repairs.

Supported under Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd’s (BPCL) start up scheme Project Ankur, Planys developed Mikros with BPCL team’s support and several field learnings.

Vineet Upadhyay, CTO of Planys Technologies, said, “After understanding the market conditions and gaining experience from earlier products over the last three years, we started working on Mikros. We are elated to have developed a customer-centric product proposition that will help underwater asset owners take data driven decision and forecast maintenance and repair. Apart from India, we are also focusing on other geographies with Mikros.”

Since Inception, Planys has developed a fleet of six ROVs completing over 50 projects across multiple sectors like Oil and Gas, Ports, Dams, Bridges, Power, Desalination and Process Industries in India. Planys is currently scaling up operations to the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia. Recently Planys was selected as a scale-up to the PortXL Accelerator programme in the Netherlands. (APA)

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