Rollr Leverages Telematics, Launches Innovative Products

By ShamPrasad:

Telematic solutions provider Rollr, a subsidiary of the auto components manufacturer Samvardhana Motherson Group (SMG), has launched Rollr Mini, a plug-and-play device that sends live tracking alerts and car health updates, in line with the increasing demand for telematics devices.
Rollr is an IoT and Telematics platform launched by Motherson Invenzen XLab Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of SMG, which builds telematics hardware and applications. The Rollr platform connects everything that is on the move on the roads. The company has many hardware and apps for this, including a Connected Car Infotainment Device.
Rollr, with innovative connected vehicle solutions from devices to applications, provides users access to vehicle telematics for real-time tracking and location analytics, engine health, security alerts and driving behaviour, along with regular reports summarizing pre-set parameters.
“At Rollr we build technologies around connected vehicles ecosystem. We cater to the OEMs, and serve businesses such as fleet owners, logistics companies, school bus operators and retail consumers. This is where Rollr mini comes into picture,” Amit Upadhyay, Chief Technology Officer, Motherson Invenzen XLab, said.
Some of the products of Rollr include Rollr Mini, a plug-n-play device for car owners, where they get connected with their car seamlessly and they can know exactly what is up with their car in real-time. This includes real-time location, trip analytics, driving behaviour, security alerts and vehicle health.
Rollr Pro is a pro version of the Rollr Mini meant to be mostly used by B2B customers who operate a large fleet of vehicles. Using this device, fleet owners can get a hold of their fleet operations and they can optimise it. This device can fit into cars, commercial vehicles, off-roaders or agri-vehicles.
Fleet Management Solution works in conjunction with Rollr Mini and Rollr Pro devices and it is a web application meant for fleet owners to manage their fleet.
Rollr Connected Infotainment is a connected multi-media system – it basically has all the features of a traditional music system of cars (such as Radio, USB etc) – but it goes beyond these basics to telematics features (that Rollr Mini offers). This also has a drive-safe user interface which the user can operate safely while driving. It also has an app ecosystem – just like a smartphone; one can run customized Applications in the car. It also supports latest technologies such as Apple Car Play.
Dock ‘n Roll is a smartphone-based application which acts like a virtual infotainment system. If offers most of the features of Rollr connected infotainment. It runs entirely on the smartphone. It’s a way to use your phone safely in the car – so that you can perform the most useful functions – such as calling, navigation and listening to your favourite music easier.
SOS Telematics is a device specially made for one of the OEMs which is bringing the power of internet to tractors. For the first time, there will be connected tractors in India. This enables a direct hotline between the end-consumer and vehicle manufacturer. If the consumers have any issues with their vehicles trouble-shooting is just one step away.
Rollr Mini plugs into the OBD-port of the car and once activated, it sends Live Tracking, Alerts and Car Health updates to the user via the Rollr app. The gadget comes with an embedded SIM card with a pre-activated plan.
The device can rate driving, ensure safety of the car and improve fuel efficiency. It comes in a dashboard view on the app with an overall driving skill-rating out of 10 for each trip, along with other information such as harsh braking and over-speeding. This feature is in demand from those car owners who have hired a driver or if their kids are learning to drive.
The company has three broad categories of offerings for OEMs, businesses or B2C customers. The core of the offerings is the complete telematics platform, starting from hardware to applications (apps).
“For OEM’s we build customised telematics products. We will be seeing connected vehicle technology being rolled out directly from OEMs very soon and we are working with several of our OEM customers for introducing telematics in their vehicles,” Upadhyay said.
Most of the business to business customers are using Rollr’s fleet management solution to monitor their fleet, improve their operational efficiency and serve their customers better. This is expected to be the largest contributor to SMG’s business in future.
During the launch of the product, Laksh Vaaman Sehgal, vice-chairman, SMG, said, “In the B2B space, we are confident that the large and enterprising fleet owners will derive significant benefits with Rollr’s superior and advanced technology.”
For retail users also Rollr Mini is a key offering. Regulatory push also is expected to be one of the growth drivers, especially in the home market. The AIS-140 regulation, applicable from April 1, 2018, mandates a vehicle tracking device and one or more emergency button(s) in all existing and new public service vehicles.
Rollr is the first B2C offering from Samvardhana Motherson Group, a diversified global group serving the global automotive industry with a product portfolio comprising electrical distribution systems (wiring harnesses), automotive rear-view mirrors, moulded plastic parts and assemblies, injection moulding tools, moulded and extruded rubber components, modules and systems including cockpits /IPs, door trims, bumpers, lighting systems, air intake manifolds, pedal assemblies, HVAC systems, vehicle air conditioning systems, roof hatches, cabins for off-highway vehicles, machined metal products, cutting tools, thin film coating metals, IT services, design engineering and CAE services.
Rollr devices have been tested with over 100 vehicles under extreme performance conditions and are designed to provide connected car solutions to both passenger and commercial vehicles. While Rollr Mini fits families looking to track and use their cars better, Rollr Fleet caters to fleet owners with more than 10 vehicles and Enterprise Rollr is aimed at large businesses with over 200 vehicles. Keeping the price sensitivity of the Indian market in mind, the device has been priced at Rs. 6,499 and is available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.
“We are an R&D-focused company and all our developments happen in-house, starting from hardware design to the software that goes on that software. We own the entire life cycle. That is one of our key USPs. Since we have control over all the different aspects of the ecosystem, we are able to customise them quickly,” he said.
The R&D division located in Noida has around 35 people. “We are starting with the basic track and trail kind of systems, which can provide diagnostic help. In future all these will combine with the infotainment system and provide a wholesome connected experience in the car,” Sehgal said.
Rollr was founded in February 2014 with six co-founders including Prashant Dalmia (Director of Hardware Engineering), Ravi Shankar Prasad (VP of Platform Software), Mohit Joshi (Head of Application Software) and Ankit Varshney (Head of QA and Supply Chain). The company is funded by Samvardhana Motherson Group and is registered as Motherson Invenzen Xlab Private Limited

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