SaarGummi to focus on Traditional and Growing Markets

Michael Lorig-2SaaGummi, the global supplier of automotive sealings, has very strong presence in Europe, North America and Asia. It has made rapid inroads into the fast growing automobile markets of China and India. Michael Lorig, who was appointed CEO of the company in September 2014, told in an exclusive interview to T Murali of AutoParts Asia, that the focus of the company would be both the traditional and growing markets with lots of localisation and innovation. Edited excerpts of the interview:-

Q: How was your first six months as CEO, how was the going?

A: Before joining this company as CEO, I was heading the global sales, product management programme and quality planning. As the CEO is responsible for the operations, after taking over, I have been focussing on globally competitive strategic development and how to make a global footprint.

 Q: What is your strategy; how do you propose to implement it?

A: Obviously I have to find out the correct position of the market; that is applicable for any business. I have to find the position of the European market, especially the sealing market, and the technology driving the global automotive market. We have only limited number of suppliers.

 Q: Asian markets are emerging, where the value is less. Will value drive your growth or volume will be the driving force?

A:  What we see is that when we look at the content we have to look at sealing system itself. This is driven by the car concept. The Chinese market is growing in the direction for the foreign markets. This means there will be more luxury cars where the content will be more. India is also a growing market with less volume.

Read full interview in the Special Report on Gold Seal SaarGummi in the May issue of AutoParts Asia

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