Schwing Stetter India launches new XCMG excavator range

Schwing Stetter India has launched its new generation of XCMG crawler hydraulic excavators-XE80C, XE1401, and XE215 C in Chennai, India. The three new machines are all set to revolutionise the landscape of the construction and mining industry in India, the company said. V G Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India has unveiled the products.

The new range of excavators are expected to find use in construction and mining sites in India. The crawler hydraulic excavators are conceptualised based on the current needs of customers in this segment and customised with a high-power XCMG’s proprietary matching technology.

According to Schwing Stetter, the significant features of the excavator range are excellent performance, intelligent control, high-performance slewing bearing, energy saving, reliable and durable X-frame, safe operation and convenient maintenance.

“With market demand doubling to 25,000 units in 2018, compared to 11,000 units in 2011. Schwing Stetter India is extremely delighted to launch the crawler hydraulic excavator range for the Indian market. Given that the industry will further increase steadily in the next few years due to further increased investment in infrastructure projects like interlinking of rivers, road and rail construction. Schwing Stetter-XCMG range of excavators will revolutionize the present earthmoving sector. With their record energy saving performance and breakthrough cost-efficiency, the new range will offer the best return on investment and resale value to the owner,” said Sakthikumar.

The company is actively working out strategies to build market presence as it gears up for increased business opportunities that the current infrastructure space holds. With the new launch, Schwing Stetter plans to consolidate its share of the XCMG excavator market in India and extend its reach to other developing rural markets globally.


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