Shell India expands vision correction programme

Shell India and VisionSpring to help 3.65 lakh commercial drivers and allied transportation workers to see clearly and drive safer by the end of 2020. 20/20 being the measure of perfect vision, the DriveSafeIndia initiative will accelerate access to vision correction and advance national goals to improve road safety. Drivers, mechanics and other allied transport workers across four states – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka – will receive free vision screening, low-cost eyeglasses, and referrals for other eye conditions.

Nitin Prasad, Country Chairman of Shell Companies in India, said, “Indian roads witness one death every four minutes, with almost 80% attributed to driver error. The problem of uncorrected vision, which endangers the lives of drivers, passengers, and all road users, needs urgent intervention. We, at Shell India, are committed to creating an ecosystem that encourages safe behavior on India’s roads. The #DriveSafeIndia program is a part of our effort to create safer roads across the country, and these eye camps are an important step in the right direction. We look forward to other companies, individuals, and organizations joining us on this journey to make India’s roads safer.”

“The current situation is very dangerous. But this problem is solvable,” said Ella Gudwin, President of VisionSpring. “Eyeglasses were invented 700 years ago, and today they offer a powerful, cost-effective solution for one of our most pressing health and safety problems – deadly traffic accidents. Eyeglasses are a road safety intervention, literally sitting right in front of our eyes. Imagine how many lives could be saved with a simple pair of glasses. But not enough people are wearing them. Together with Shell, we are changing that. We invite allies everywhere to bring vision correction to transit hubs and India’s drivers.”


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