Sustainability Is Right, And Good For All

By Christophe Dominiak*:

In today’s global marketplace, sustainability directives and technological advancement are mutually achievable initiatives for supporting economic development and improved quality of life. This expectation is reflected in numerous plans for growth, including the establishment of the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), the adoption of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and the ‘Made in China 2025’ plan for comprehensively upgrading Chinese industry.
As a global leader in developing highly engineered solutions for improving the efficiency and performance of powered vehicles and machinery, we place sustainability at the centre of everything we do in Dana. In fact, the development of solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles is a key focus area in our enterprise strategy, ‘Shifting into Overdrive.’
We are keenly focused on leveraging our decades of electric engineering expertise and product knowledge to offer an extensive portfolio of advanced hybrid and electric technologies that have been engineered for multiple vehicle markets.
We actively support the improved sustainability of vehicles across all the vehicle markets we serve – passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-highway equipment – and our strategy enables original-equipment manufacturers to accelerate their hybrid and electric vehicle development programmes.
It starts with a modular approach that combines ‘Spicer Electrified’ hybrid and electric drivetrain solutions into current vehicle architectures with internal combustion engines. From this foundation, Dana is developing a continuum of innovations that supports the long-term evolution toward fully integrated electric-drive technologies optimized within a single package to maximise performance. Our engineers are currently collaborating with original-equipment manufacturers to develop customised solutions that address the issues of performance, design envelope, efficiency, and cost. These include ‘Spicer Electrified’ drivetrain solutions and ‘Long’ brand thermal-management solutions for battery systems and power electronics associated with electric-powered vehicles. We also have access to a full array of advanced technologies that support hybrid and electric vehicle architectures following the acquisition of the power-transmission and fluid power businesses of the former Brevini Group, S.p.A. in February 2017.
Dana has a considerable footprint in India to help tailor our hybrid and electric innovations for the local market. It has nearly 4,000 employees at 15 manufacturing and engineering facilities throughout the country, including operations in which our company holds a joint interest. These advanced capabilities are best exemplified by the Dana India Technical Centre, a world-class product engineering facility and test lab that supports all of Dana’s product groups. Dana offers further support for the Asian market from our operations in China, including a technical centre in Wuxi.
Our commitment to sustainability goes far beyond the technologies we develop for our customers. Every employee at Dana Incorporated – from our officers and directors to every individual at any of our operations around the world – is obligated and committed to always conducting business in a legal, ethical, and responsible manner, with a respect for human rights, just as we expect our employees to work together with mutual respect and in a spirit of collaboration.
This commitment is clearly documented in Dana’s standards of business conduct. Dana has a long-standing heritage of respect for our environment and sustainability, and we believe that profitable industrial enterprise and environmental protection can both be achieved. To do so, we have established an environmental management system that is committed to efficient natural resource consumption, pollution prevention, compliance with applicable rules and regulations, and harmonisation with customer and company directives.
We hold our suppliers to these same high standards as well. We expect that our suppliers will abide by all local environmental laws and regulations, and we believe that our suppliers should work to minimise waste, prevent pollution, and conserve energy.
We encourage our suppliers to seek external verification of their environmental performance, such as the ISO 14001 certification process. We are also committed to the European Union’s End of Vehicle Life directive, as well as Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, & Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) requirements. Dana’s suppliers are expected to cooperate fully with us to satisfy these and other recycling, environmental, and health protection initiatives.
At Dana, we believe technology and sustainability can be joined through a culture of respect that benefits our customers and other stakeholders affected by Dana’s activities. Simply put, sustainability is good for people, good for the environment, good for business, and the right thing to do.
(*Christophe Dominiak is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Dana Incorporated)

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