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Achates Power Offers Upgraded Version Of IC Engines

Achates Power Offers Upgraded Version Of IC Engines

The US technology company Achates Power develops radically improved internal combustion(IC) engines that increase fuel efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cost less than conventional engines. The company has 12 customers whose contracts include different engine applications for passenger vehicle, light commercial vehicle, heavy commercial vehicle, Military, Marine and stationary power. The Achates Power Opposed-Piston

OGCI Climate Investments Funds Achates Power

The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) has invested in Achates Power in Series-D equity. This investment closes the Series-D offering through which Achates Power has raised $29.8 million to accelerate the company’s growth, commercialisation and continued technology development. The OGCI is a CEO-led initiative of 10 oil and gas companies that collaborate on action

Achates Power appoints two new Directors

Achates Power has appointed John Wall, former Chief Technology Officer, Cummins and John Koszewnik, Chief Technical Officer, Achates Power as new members to its Board of Directors effective immediately. “We are pleased to welcome our newest members to the Board of Directors. They bring deep industry experience and unique perspectives that will be beneficial as