OMRON demonstrates futuristic automation solutions at the AES

Advanced automation provider OMRON has demonstrated an array of advanced industrial automation for the automotive manufacturing sector at the ongoing Automotive Engineering Show (AES) in Chennai, India. Themed around the concept of ‘Sensing and Control + Think’, the OMRON booth is a window to its all key, progressive mid-range and high-end automation solutions from its […]

Omron booth at the Automation Show-2017

Advanced industrial automation provider Omron, exhibits innovative and futuristic solutions, including IIoT and robotics, at the ongoing Automation Show-2017 in Mumbai. The Omron booth, curated around the theme of Sensing and Control + Think, displays robotics, Sysmac Automation solution with IIoT, vision and traceability, motion control, smart panel and safety solutions at the show. “With […]