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Cooper Standard Goes Beyond Products

Cooper Standard Goes Beyond Products

By Song Min Lee Cooper Standard, to meet our customers’ growing needs, has accelerated its growth and development in the Asia Pacific region. In 2015, Asia Pacific was the fastest growing segment of Cooper Standard. This is a result of the long-term commitment we made to our customers in this region, and our recent key

ZF Futuristic All The Way

ZF plays  leading role in making the dynamics of tomorrow more safe, comfortable and efficient. ZF takes on responsibility and develops in partnership with automakers complete driveline solutions, which will be perfectly adapted to existing systems. Designing dynamics of tomorrow means designing the future.Therefore requirements for automotive suppliers are growing consistently. Consumption, emission, weight and

Eicher Makes Futuristic Trucks

Technology will play an important role in driving the future of Indian trucking. The technological innovations will be in vehicle design, power and performance, and fuel consumption giving more lifetime profitability for the customer. We, at Eicher, are at the cusp of this huge transformation the commercial vehicle industry is undergoing. The infrastructure and mining

Visteon Rides On SmartCore

In the global automotive industry the next 10 years is going to have more change than the last 50 years. If you look at the last century the industry has essentially not changed much, technology has evolved very slowly. If you analyse introduction of a new technology over the last 50 years you will find

Tata Motors Travels In New Terrain

The commercial vehicle major Tata Motors is on a roll. The company has been introducing products and concept consistently matching the growing demand of the national market. The company’s recent joint collaborations to manufacture strategically important new products are testimony to its prowess in the segment and capability to cater to the changing dynamics of

Continuous Improvement Is Toyota’s Quality Mantra

Toyota world over upholds the philosophy of continuous improvement, believing that there is always scope for that, under the terminology ‘Kaizen.’ The tradition at Toyota has always been to provide premium quality cars backed with reliable services to the customers. With the Kaizen culture, the company strives to ensure this premium quality of international standards