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Infineon components enable automated driving in Audi A8

Infineon components enable automated driving in Audi A8

Infineon supplies key components for the Audi A8, the world’s first series production car featuring level 3 automated driving. With level 3, drivers can temporarily take their hands off the steering wheel under certain conditions. The A8 allows this when parking and exiting, in slow-moving traffic or in traffic congestion. “Around 90 percent of innovations

Continental launches fifth-gen radar sensors for automated driving

By 2017 end, over 30 million radar sensors from Continental will be in use globally Continental has introduced the fifth generation of its short- and long-range radar sensors, which will enter series production in 2019. It is based on a scalable modular principle and with its graduated function scopes, it supports vehicle manufacturers’ different requirements

Continental develops Control Element for automated driving

To further advance the development of automated driving, technology company Continental has developed a central input device. The Smart Control input device transparently and intuitively configures the change of role from driver to user of automated driving functions. It informs vehicle occupants if automated driving or manual driving is possible and can also be used

Continental introduces cutting-edge brake technology MK C1

Continental has developed its electronic brake solution MK C1 targeted to the additional requirements of highly automated driving. As the MK C1 is a by-wire system, which offers a particularly fast, precise and autonomous pressure build-up, it is ideally suited for automated driving. To achieve the requirements of braking redundancy, Continental has combined the MK

Cruising Chauffeur will be ready for production in 2020

Highly automated driving on highways is becoming a reality. Continental started testing systems like this on public roads in 2012 in Nevada, the US. The Cruising Chauffeur function gives vehicles the ability to take over the driving task on highways in accordance with the national traffic regulations. Cruising Chauffeur is Automated driving for highway/freeway environments

Seamless Mobility

By Ralph Lauxmann and Andree Hohnn: Different types of automated driving complement one another to create the seamless mobility of tomorrow There are four main global drivers that require the innovative engagement of the automotive industry and, with it, the large technology suppliers: The vision of accident-free driving, air quality problems, irritation over time lost

Continental Showcases Futuristic Products To Support Automated Driving

Continental Automotive GmbH showcased various products and services for the commercial vehicle manufacturers at the recently concluded IAA 2016 show in Hannover Germany. They focused on efficiency and safety and connectivity, the hallmark of vehicles and driving in the coming years. Though the company sees automated driving as a big and evolving development, “this is

Bosch hardware, software, and service solutions for the connected car

Connectivity is the key to electrified and automated driving Service solutions open up a wide array of business opportunities for Bosch With sensors, software, and services, Bosch serves all levels of the IoT Connectivity control units connect cars, trucks, two-wheelers, and trains Connected solutions reduce service times and down times The car of the future