Schaeffler states Automatic Clutch Allows Optimization of Fuel Consumption through ‘Sailing’

Schaeffler is providing intelligent, automatic solutions for previously purely mechanical or hydraulic clutch systems. Depending on the development stage, the system known to experts as the “E-Clutch” either operates the clutch only in specific driving situations or completely automates all clutch operations. This allows fuel-saving driving strategies, from “sailing” to electrically supported driving, to be […]

Isuzu launches MU-7 with Automatic Transmission

     Isuzu Motors India today launched the MU-7 Automatic Transmission (AT) variant at a price of Rs 23.90 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi. The manual transmission variant was launched in December 2013. In line with the preference expressed by many customers for an automatic transmission to enjoy self-driving, Isuzu Motors India has now launched the same. […]

MEYLE oil change kits for automatics

Three more MEYLE oil change kits for automatic transmissions allow workshops to deliver one-stop maintenance and repair services to a growing number of car owners. Wulf Gaertner Autoparts is expanding its portfolio of repair-friendly full-service kits for Mini models and exclusively for Volkswagen Golf III/IV and Volkswagen Tiguan applications. The kits feature all components required […]

Bosch launches automatic tester EPS 118 for common-rail injectors

Thanks to the growing number of passenger cars and commercial vehicles with diesel engines equipped with common-rail systems, repairs on these systems become ever more attractive for automotive workshops. Bosch developed the new EPS 118 tester for an economical entry into testing common-rail injectors. The space-saving tabletop unit can be controlled easily and without previous […]

Bosch reveals basics of transmission control units

It is interesting to know how a dual-clutch automatic functions and how much processing power is necessary for modern transmission control. Bosch provides information on the transmission basics. Customer benefit: Compared to manual transmissions, modern automatic transmissions enhance driving comfort and also save on fuel, which is because they independently determine the point at which […]