Automated ride-hailing service pilot started in San Jose

Bosch and Mercedes-Benz have launched a pilot project for an app-based ride-hailing service using automated Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicles in the Silicon Valley city of San José. Monitored by a safety driver, the self-driving cars shuttle between West San José and downtown, along the San Carlos Street and Stevens Creek Boulevard thoroughfares. The service will initially […]

Bosch India Shifts Focus From Hardware To Services, Data

By T Murrali: The Technology Company Strengthens Smart Solutions Portfolio Beyond Mobility Bosch, a leading supplier of technology and services, is promotingits beyond mobility business with smart solutions based ongreenfield digital technologies in a new-age manner to meet the growing infrastructure and consumer demand. Bosch has been reiterating that it is more thana brick and […]

Bosch to offer complete mobility services

Bosch will offer mobility services bundling them into a smart, seamlessly connected ecosystem. That will include booking, sharing, and networking platforms, parking and charging services, and software solutions for managing and maintaining the vehicles, as well as infotainment during the journey. “Bosch is developing a unique package of hardware, software, and mobility services for shuttle […]

Bosch India moves beyond mobility with smart solutions

Bosch India is strengthening beyond mobility business with smart solutions based on growing infrastructure and consumer demand. The company is changing conventional business areas to digital by transforming businesses beyond mobility. “Our business is in a process of profound transformation from a hardware focus to models that focus more on services and data. We have […]