Elektrobit announces EB Assist ADTF 3 for developing highly automated driving

Elektrobit (EB), a leading developer of cutting-edge, embedded and connected technology solutions for the automotive industry, announced EB Assist ADTF 3 to accelerate the software development of highly automated driving (HAD) systems. This new version of an established tool gives carmakers and suppliers an edge in the race toward driverless cars by providing the foundation to […]

Car OEMs Target 2021 for Rollout of SAE Levels 4 and 5 of Autonomous Driving

New OEM smart mobility divisions, growing safety concerns relating to semi-autonomous driving, and recognition by national governments of the environmental and societal advantages of driverless vehicles will accelerate the deployment of more autonomous forms of driving. ABI Research expects that semi-autonomous systems will continue to dominate the market over the next decade, with SAE level […]

Mobileye, Delphi To Develop SAE Level 4/5 Automated Driving Solution

Mobileye and Delphi Automotive PLC has announced a partnership to jointly develop a complete SAE Level 4/5 automated driving solution. The program will result in an end-to-end production-intent fully automated vehicle solution, with the level of performance and functional safety required for rapid integration into diverse vehicle platforms for a range of customers worldwide. The […]

Elektrobit unveils EB robinos for automated driving

Elektrobit (EB), a leading developer of cutting-edge, embedded and connected technology solutions for the automotive industry, today announced EB robinos, the first comprehensive, hardware-agnostic software solution enabling carmakers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers to develop and bring to market highly automated driving (HAD) systems. EB robinos addresses the needs of every automaker and supplier that is […]

Continental invites stakeholders to a global dialog on automated driving

Today, the technology company Continental launched 2025AD.com, a public and independent website promoting a global conversation on automated driving. Experts and consumers alike will have the opportunity to discuss all technical, legal and social aspects of future mobility on 2025AD.com, helping to build consumer acceptance and trust on the topic. The website offers manufacturer-independent information, […]

Volvo Cars and Autoliv join forces in Autonomous Driving

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, and Autoliv, the automotive safety technology company, two of the world’s leaders in automotive safety, have agreed to work together on the ground-breaking Drive Me project, the world’s first large-scale autonomous driving (AD) initiative. Drive Me involves 100 self-driving Volvos being used by families and commuters on public roads […]

Tenneco Latest Gen Electronic Valve Technology Driving Fuel Efficiency, Performance

Tenneco has unveiled its latest generation of electronically controlled valves at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The valves, which are designed to support low pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for diesel engines and acoustic tuning for gasoline engines, feature a unique new modular design which offers vehicle manufacturers custom flexibility and adaptability for any engine […]

Elektrobit (EB) collaborates with Infineon and NVIDIA to deliver first-of-its-kind automated driving platform

Elektrobit (EB), one of the leading companies in automotive software, today announced it is working with Infineon Technologies, a leading semiconductor supplier for autonomous driving, and NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing, to make it easier for the automakers and their suppliers to create advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that integrate the highest levels […]