Tata LPT 1212 LCV launched in Bangladesh

Tata Motors, along with distributor Nitol Motors, has launched the all-new Tata LPT 1212 light commercial vehicle in Bangladesh. The vehicle has been designed for the modern commercial vehicle customer of Bangladesh, with superior performance and high load carrying capacity.

The Tata LPT 1212 is a perfect cargo transporting solution for the Bangladeshi customer in the light trucks category. The 497 TCIC Common Rail Engine with proven engine life and reparability, optimally powers the truck. The Tata LPT 1212 is designed to deliver improved performance and better fuel efficiency with lower emissions, levels of noise and vibrations.

The high-performance engine is configured to deliver optimum power output at even lower RPMs enabling one to drive with lesser gearshifts while giving better fuel efficiency. The bigger clutch diameter of 330 mm allows easy engagement of gears leading to driving comfort and efficient power transmission. The high ground clearance of 245 mm makes it a perfect solution for transporting cargo over rough terrains. The loading capacity of the truck is enhanced with the bigger tyre size (9X20 – 16 PR).

Abdul Matlub Ahmed, Chairman, Nitol Motors, said, “Our local expertise coupled with a robust dealer network across the country has been crucial to our success thus far. With our partner Tata Motors, we are confident about making a significant impact in the light truck segment with Tata LPT 1212 and thus winning a significant market share.”

Rudrarup Maitra, Head, International Business, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors, said, “The much awaited Tata LPT 1212, has been specifically designed keeping in mind the unique local Bangladesh market loading requirements and duty cycle. With various product enhancements such as a powerful engine, high ground clearance, bigger clutch diameter and tyre size, this vehicle is the best choice for customers in this segment.”

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