Telematics Enhances Fleet Profitability, Safety

Transworld Technology, specialists in wireless data acquisition and analytics, designs and builds its own smart Internet-of-things (IoT) products and devices for commercial vehicle fleet management and to enhance their efficiency and productivity.
“We are an end-to-end solution provider for data acquisition and software management. We generate business intelligence to act on the results of that data. Our focus has been on efficient management of road transport fleet, fleet optimisation, fleet efficiency to increase the profitability of our clients,” Vikram Puri, Managing Director and CEO of Transworld Technologies, told AutoParts Asia.


Established in 1998, Transworld Technologies created the Mobile Eye, a smart-edge computing IoT device and coupled it with a complete cloud-based machine-to-machine (M2M) IoT platform called FleetView. Mobile Eye is the backbone of Fleetview infrastructure. It helps fleet owners enhance their fleet operations by providing real time actionable intelligence to take charge of the supply chain.
Mobile Eye helps to generate data from the most relevant sources of a journey and use that data to make strategic decisions. A good fleet and supply chain management solution provides a clear performance standard for the customers and gives a clear competitive edge by improved visibility across operations and consistent, dependable performance.
Vehicles generate data on how they are being driven, perhaps too much acceleration or speeding, for example. Mobile Eye can capture these and generate actionable data for a fleet owner and help him take intelligent decisions on driver training, fuel economy and safety. These decisions can bring about a paradigm shift in the business. Citing an example of one of his customers, Puri said, the data on driver behaviour helped the firm to set up drivers’ incentive programme and reduce accidents (major and minor) and the hassles they create.
“Reasons for breakdown and likely component failure rates can also be identified. It also enables the fleet to demonstrate to insurers the levels of safety they have achieved, with the potential for reduced premiums. We provide fleet visibility across the supply chain. All the data collected can be viewed on a platform called fleet view,” he added. Mobile Eye is a smart data acquisition and processing platform. It is very small and can be installed quickly in all kinds of vehicles irrespective of their make or specifications. It connects to a variety of sensors in the vehicle and collects data from there.
Smaller companies in India and other developing countries are not very enthusiastic about telematics. But industry experts believe that as prices fall with mass production, the technology will become an integral part of all fleets. They find big market opportunities in the long-run.


The products and solutions of Transworld Technology are preferred by many Indian and multi-national companies like, Castrol, Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto, British Petroleum, Mercedes Benz, the public sector companies like HPCL and the government institutions including the Intelligence Bureau, Indian Air Force, Mumbai Police, Defence Research, Maharashtra Police and Indian Army.
Puri claims that one of his customers, with 1500 operating trucks, in five years, increased productivity by over 40 percent, the number of accidents a year went down from 115 to just three, shipment numbers increased by 10 percent, the total kilometers travelled were reduced from 78 million to 64 million and the business which required 1500 trucks was done with 960.

Benefits Of Telematics

Some of the major benefits of telematics technology can be listed as:
Increased Efficiency: Routing applications and real time communication to drivers can lead to reduced delays caused due to traffic and other disruptions.
Improved Safety: When drivers know they are being monitored they tend to perform according to company and regulatory standards, which can reduce accidents and damage to vehicles and freight.
Increased Driver Productivity: Monitoring leads to reduced travel time which can be utilised for relaxation and better health for drivers.
Reduced Operating Costs: Saving time across a fleet leads to huge fuel savings and better performance for the fleet
Predictability: Owners can predict the time taken in delivery with better accuracy. The inefficiencies can also be reduced drastically.
Scheduled Alerts for Repair Centres: Monitored vehicles can send alerts about vehicle diagnostics. This allows drivers and managers to plan for maintenance rather than running a truck to the point of failure.
In this new world of trucking fleet management, telematics technology is empowering fleet owners to improve compliance, driver efficiency and fleet performance and develop a happy clientele.

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