Toyota Creates $1M Grant to Tackle Mobility Challenges in North Texas

To help address mobility challenges in North Texas, Toyota announced a $1 million impact grant in partnership with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, available for local non-profits, academic institutions and social entrepreneurs.  The grant, a joint program between Toyota Motor North America and Toyota Financial Services, requires collaboration among up to five organizations.

“By engaging multiple local partners on a single issue, we can build on ideas, pool resources and achieve greater impact in the communities we serve,” said Mike Goss, general manager, Toyota Social Innovation. “The initiative is part of larger community programing aimed at creating public-private partnerships to solve societal issues.”

The grant, which provides funds to implement a two-year program, is geared toward transportation mobility issues and social mobility issues. It requires applicants to also consider the scalability of their programs. Following the first year of the grant, the awardees will have the opportunity to partner with Toyota to further improve outcomes.

“We believe that new technologies and approaches can increase access to mobility for underserved communities, low income including seniors and people with disabilities, and that access to reliable, safe, affordable transport systems has direct social, equality and economic implications,” said Karen Ideno, vice president of product, marketing, corporate social responsibility and communications, Toyota Financial Services. “By tapping into organizations on the ground through a collaborative approach to innovation, we can foster real change and improve quality of life in our communities.”

According to recent Census figures, The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is the second fastest-growing metro in the nation. However many parts of the DFW area lack convenient access to jobs.

“We are proud to partner with Toyota to implement a unique program aimed at accelerating positive change in the community­­­­,” said Jennifer Sampson, president and CEO of United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. “With nearly one third of residents in North Texas one crisis away from financial distress, finding new and innovative ways to address mobility is critical. Toyota’s leadership will amplify our collective ability to make a more secure and meaningful future for everyone in our region.”

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