Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch 2019 Championship held

Volvo Trucks India has led the way for higher fuel efficiency with the India Fuelwatch 2019 Championship. Fuelwatch – a Driver Challenge 2019 that took place at Siddipet and Korba on July 4 & 16-17 respectively. The competition has attracted professional drivers from across India. The winner was DLL Mohamad Ansari for Construction & Infra, Satrughan Mondal for Coal Transportation and P Ravi for Overburden Transportation

“The Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Challenge brings together all the different challenges that truck drivers face every day. Their skills are often the decisive factor in the productivity and profitability of our customers. Drivers also make a major contribution to road safety. The finals gave us the opportunity to see incredibly skilful drivers doing an impressive job of handling their trucks,” says Dinakar B, SVP Sales, Marketing & Aftermarket at Volvo Trucks India.

This was the 10th edition of the India Fuelwatch competition and this year it focused on three areas: fuel efficiency, productivity and safety. The India Fuelwatch Challenge focused on three key businesses – Construction & Infra, Coal Transportation and Mining.

The aim of the Fuelwatch Challenge is to draw attention to the important work done by truck drivers. It is also a way of attracting young people to the job, which offers good career opportunities. The transport industry is constantly growing and there is now a shortage of trained drivers all over the world, said a statement.


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