WABCO to supply air suspension technology to European manufacturer

WABCO has signed a $230 million long-term agreement to develop and supply innovative air suspension technology for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium passenger cars, based in Europe. Under this 10-year agreement, WABCO will develop and deliver an innovative air
supply module along with control software to operate a range of air suspension system configurations for one of the manufacturer’s high-volume global premium passenger car platforms.
Air suspension is now a standard feature on most of the manufacturer’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, so WABCO will support a 30 percent increase in air suspension production volumes compared to the manufacturer’s preceding car platform. Further enhancing driving
comfort and improved vehicle safety, air suspension systems automatically adjust the vehicle to the optimum ride height, independent of the vehicle’s load. This is particularly important for electric vehicles to ensure sufficient ground clearance levels are maintained to protect their batteries.
WABCO’s high performance air supply module includes its advanced compressors with an integrated air dryer and air intake filter, acoustic and vibration isolation system, as well as an air-flow distribution valve-block that controls air spring actuation. WABCO’s air supply modules follow the open system principle, enabling virtual silence during operation due to
the substantially improved acoustics of WABCO compressors and its optimised isolation within the vehicle structure.

“We are proud that this major European manufacturer has continued to put its faith in WABCO for its latest premium passenger car platform,” said Nick Rens, WABCO President, EMEA. “With premium car customers increasingly valuing air suspension as standard equipment, we are delighted that our leading air suspension technologies continue to
support advanced driving capabilities, enhancing driving comfort and vehicle safety.”

WABCO’s innovative air suspension systems for passenger cars offer state-of-the-art vehicle system integration.

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