Yulu Miracle e-scooter launched in India

Yulu has introduced Yulu Miracle, an Electric Scooter for Shared and Sustainable Mobility, in Bangalore, India. The company claimed that using this e-scooter, people can navigate city traffic in a fast, efficient, affordable and environmentally-friendly manner. Yulu will be deploying 250 of these electric scooters in the first week of the launch 

Ajay Seth, MD – BMRCL, said “This Public Bike Sharing Initiative (PBS) provides a sustainable mode of meeting first and last mile mobility needs of commuters complementing metro public transport system and can be a game changer in reclaiming road infrastructure as a public good.”

A dock-less, Lithium battery-powered low speed, silent and light two-wheelers will help commuters ride through traffic congestion with zero pollution and at low cost. Now, Yulu Miracle joins Yulu’s IoT-powered fleet. Yulu Miracle provides keyless use, customers can unlock this vehicle just by scanning a QR code.

Amit Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of Yulu, said, “Yulu Miracle replaces big, fuel-guzzling, personal vehicles. It has been purpose built for India with a smaller footprint and runs on Lithium Ion batteries. Introducing Yulu Miracle as a mode for personal transport furthers our ambitious mission to solve the massive problem of traffic congestion while reducing pollution and positively influencing the health of the planet.”

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