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ZF plays  leading role in making the dynamics of tomorrow more safe, comfortable and efficient. ZF takes on responsibility and develops in partnership with automakers complete driveline solutions, which will be perfectly adapted to existing systems.
Designing dynamics of tomorrow means designing the future.Therefore requirements for automotive suppliers are growing consistently. Consumption, emission, weight and installation space should be reduced, whilst safety and driving dynamics should be increased. To achieve these high aims, innovative problem solving and a dependable business partner is required. Here, ZF takes on responsibility and develops in partnership with automakers complete driveline solutions, which will be perfectly adapted to existing systems. ZF claims a leading role when it comes to making the dynamics of tomorrow more safe, comfortable and efficient.

Advanced Urban Vehicle

In India and countries across the world, we have been constantly striving to conduct vigorous research and development to keep up with the growing demand for updated quality products.
The latest technological innovation is the Advanced Urban vehicle. This vehicle is a cloud connected, self-driving passenger car. This concept car incorporates the futuristic technologies that ZF TRW has to offer through the use of an electric rear-axle drive, the eTB (electric Twist Beam), a front axle with a turning angle of up to 75 degrees, as well as two driver assistance functions.
To manufacture products that are in sync with the market demand, ZF makes use of innovative technologies. The products manufactured by ZF are carefully designed and developed as per our customer’s requirement and keeping high quality standards in mind. The products are manufactured with utmost care for cleanliness, smooth function in operation, easily accessible fitment and long life cycle. ZF has a zero defect (with Pokayoke concept) assembly line for assembly of steering systems for HCV, LCV, MUV/SUV, passenger cars, tractors etc.

Focus On R&D

There are challenges in developing new products when obsolescence is increasingly becoming very high. The way the auto industry has shaped up today, it is an extremely exciting phase that we are in, although the demands on the business have been greater than ever before. Customer expectations on various aspects such as quality, reliability, safety, utility, etc are at an unprecedented high. So many products are being launched but they are lost in time due to newer technologies being introduced at regular intervals.
However, ZF has had a rock solid focus on Research & Development (R&D). ZF annually invests approximately five percent of its sales in R&D (€1.4 billion in 2015) ensuring continued success through the design and engineering of innovative technologies. We are constantly on the move- from electric cars to next-gen hybrid vehicles. ZF has been ahead of its time with future technology and has successfully encompassed various aspects of manufacturing right from R&D to innovation to sustainability. Over the years, we have been successful in localizing high technology products in India with futuristic manufacturing technology so as to meet the highest quality standards while justifying the expenses.

Future Ready

ZF is well prepared for the future mega trends that we have been observing: from increasing fuel efficiency and reduction of CO2 emission, lightweight designs, electrification and networking to autonomous driving. Many of these megatrends are already being served by ZF with its production ready technology and for other ZF’s R&D teams from across the globe has provided with concepts and studies which will be tried and tested as we continue to evolve.
The new state-of-the-art plant in the Chakan industrial park in Pune with an investment of nearly €20 million (Rs. 150 crore) underscores the company’s commitment to the Indian market and showcases its growth trajectory in the country. Built on a plot size of 85,000 square meters (21 acres), the new plant has additional capacity that will enable the further expansion of ZF’s business in India.
The multi-divisional plant also hints towards our plan of localizing our products which is in accordance with our local-for-local concept. We will continue to expand with systematic growth to service the needs of the automotive industry.
Our short term strategy is in line with the new government’s vision to promote green mobility solutions in India. ZF plans to push and promote range of global range of products such as our hybrid transmissions, electric axles and fuel-efficient EcoLife automatic transmissions for buses.

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